About us

„Spalvų jūra“ (translated from Lithuanian means „Sea of Colors“) is small family type store selling own different techniques (crocheted, knitted, woven, embroidered) handcrafts, which are made by three same family women. Our crafts are not of mass production. Even if some items looks similar, there is at least some one neat detail, which distinguishes it from other items and this gives additional unigueness to all our crafts. We are using just natural fiber yarns: wool, linen, cotton. Also we have a luxury line of cashmire blend yarns.We are selling yarns which are using as well as other items used in own crafting like buttons, sintepone. Asortment is being expanded constantly.

Next to selling own crafts and means used for them, we have few other product groups, of which the main feature is same: being natural. After long searches, we are very glad be able to find proffessional and good experiencend natural incenses manufacturers. The main of them is Baiedo Co. Ltd. from Japan.This manufacturer counts its story since year 1657. Formulas of incenses are being transfered from generation to generation. Also offering natural incenses from Nepal and Tibet. All kinds are exclusively packed in eye catching design packings, so are popular not only between incenses lovers, but also interesting for gift searchers. We are also selling Palo Santo tree incense sticks and cones from Ecuador.

As parts of our handrafts are for children and babies, additionally we have one more product line of wooden toys. All items are made of birch wood and produced in Lithuania. They are painted in ecological dyes.

In our store „Sea of Colors“, which is located at Pylimo str. 36, LT01134 Vilnius, we also have other neat hand work requiring items like modeling clay items and handmade postcards, which are not shown in internet shop.

Everyone who like natural things, will find something interesting in our store!